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Squad Photos 

On this page I will post squad photos of Vindi Boys, with as much information as I am given.   Links to the photos are shown in  red  which are of different sizes and quality. Not all of those included are official  Squad Photos, but of small groups  or pairs of  mates.  I have decided not to include e-mail links as it impossible to keep track of changes of address, also a lot of those  who have contributed have now 'crossed the bar'.

     Your new photos are welcome, but make sure your name, date and course are part of the file name, and that they are in JPG format

 When identifying yourself or others in your photo, please describe your position in it as I look at the picture

From the '40s

Harry Hunwick '46 Catering Michael Jarvis Sept '46 Catering
Derek Weston 14th Oct. '46 Deck Harold Dunning 3rd Feb.'47 Deck
John Harvey/Jack Mitchell 3rd March '47 Deck Tony Whitty March '47 Deck
Leonard Murrant April '47Deck Backscan of names John Kirk/Derek Wood July '47 Deck
Lenny Brown 6th Oct. '47 Deck Des Webb Aug '57 Deck
Alan Vinten Oct. '47 Catering Bill Langham Nov. '47 Catering
Fergus Kemp Nov. '47 Catering Frank Downes '47 Catering
Ken Rowe Jan '48 Deck Harry Dixon Jan'48 Deck
Harry Walker 5th Jan '48 Deck Ken Ridout/Bob Skillen Feb '48 Catering
Bill Atkinson Mar'48 Catering Roy Morgan /Ernest Wright May '48 Deck
Ken McTigue Aug. '48 Deck Wm.'Tony' Sampson Aug '18 Deck
Evan Lewis Dec. '48 Deck Terry Scoates 9th Jan.'49 Deck
Chas Stedall Feb. '49 Deck Dave Helyar/Glen Clark 17th Jan. '49 Deck One and Two
Robin Hurst 21st Feb. '49 Deck Neil Lamont Feb '49 Catering
John Appleton Feb. '49 Catering Tony White March '49 Deck
Bob Pelham 14th March '49 Deck Bill MacDonald 11th April '49 Deck
Des Jenkins/Arthur 'Dick' Smith 4th April '49 Deck Ken Billingsley May '49 Catering
Doug Amor June '49 Deck Douglas Allan 20th June '49 Deck
Albert Chapman July '49 Catering Brian Hough Aug ''49 Catering
David West Aug '49 Catering Backscan of names John Sims Aug.'49 Deck
John Horwood Sept. '49 Deck Geoff Ward Oct. '49 Deck
Syd Moon Oct. '49   Backscan of names George Rose 28th Nov.'49 Deck

From the '50s

Trevor Castleton 13th Feb '50 Deck Richard Winton 13th March '50   Backscan of names
Tony Scott  March '50 Deck Bob Andrews 15th July '50 Catering
Ivor Tucker 31st July '50 Deck Peter Cooper Sept. '50 Deck
H J (Jim) Stevens 30th Oct. '50 Deck Bob Woolven Jan '51 Deck
Tom Knight 12th Feb'51 Deck Laurence Heulin 26th Feb. '51 Deck
Chas Mason /Trevor Simms Aug '51 Deck Alan Clarke April '51 Deck
Geoff Youngman May '51 Deck Bill Crawley July '51 Deck
John Nicol Sept '51 Deck John (Jackie) Reddiex  Sept. '51 Deck
Derek Lawton Feb '52 Deck Tom Foy Feb '52 Deck
Ken Funnell April '52 Deck Ron Portis Nov.'52 Deck
George Griffiths (No. 18) Nov.'52 Deck Ken Monk Nov.. '52 Deck
John Hunt 7th April '53 Deck Backscan of names Eric Plummer Feb. '53 Deck
John P.Smith '53 Deck Terry Calpin July '53 Deck
Derek Hewett May '54 Deck John Seldon April '54 Deck
H George Ward/Donald Davis June '54 Deck Bill Duncan May '54 Deck
John Bannister 27th Dec '54 Deck John Martin Nov. '54 Catering
Jason Davis Aug '55 Deck John Carnell/Harry Scullion/P 'Adge' Sykes Feb '55 Deck Backscan of names
Dave Savage 16th April '56 Deck Roy Peters Oct. '55 Deck
Bob Goddard 30th July'56 Deck Andi Dickenson Apl. '56 Catering Backscan of names
E Pete Savage/Len Speare 20th May '57 Deck Daniel Malone/Sid Scott 13th Aug '56 Deck
John Malone May '57 Catering  
Roland P Mason late '57 Deck Ken Hughes Oct. '57 Catering
Terry Wilson 2nd June '58 Deck Will Beckett March '58 Deck
Roger Durrant July '58 Deck Richard Harvey 14th July '58 Catering
Harry Greene Sept. '58 Catering Eric Jarcombe/Richard Andrews July '58 Deck
Peter Teague Oct. '58 Deck Wilf Pateman Sept. '58 Deck Backscan of names
Phillip Anderson Nov. '58 Deck John Farthing 3rd Nov. '58 Deck
Mick Hart/'Paul' Dean Mar. '59 Deck Dave Damsell/Mick Surfield/'Dan' Nicholson 2nd Mar. '59 Deck
Ian Hudson May '59 Catering Dan Ryan/Mike Mason April '59 Deck

From the '60s

Keith Potter March '60 Deck Mike Sargeant May '60 Deck
Allen Ford July '60 Catering Anthony Dunks July '60 Deck
Dave Williams Aug. '60 Catering Mel Endersby Sept . 60 Deck
Keith Major Oct. '60 Deck Ralph Harding Oct. '60 One and Two Deck
Gary Newman Dec. '60 Deck Roger Flynn/Peter West Oct. '60 Deck
John Morris/Alan Flarry Jan '61 Deck Richie Bradshaw/ Fran Conlin Jan '61 Deck
John Arno May '61 Deck Brian Cross May '61 Catering
Bill Tyrrell June '61 Deck Rodney (Keith) Farren 25th Sept. '61 Deck
Fred Hughes Oct. '61 Deck Peter Kellett Oct. '61 Catering
Eugene Doherty/John Kieran Feb. '62 Deck David Cameron March '62 Deck
Michael Hastie May '62 One and Two Deck Barry Ferguson July '62 Deck
Robin Rowles-Smith Sept '62 One and Two  
Peter Biddulph Aug '63 Deck Ronnie McDonald July '63 Deck
Davy McGill  6th Jan.'64 Deck Jim Weir  6th Jan.'64 Catering
Jeff Glasser Oct. '64 Catering Kevin Fowler Oct. '64 Deck


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